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Abu Sarhad Company For Umrah Services is one of the companies of the abu sarhad group, which was founded in 1400 AH. It has more than 37 branches and its activities are to provide an integrated set of services and support services such as transportation, hotels, tourism, catering and services for domestic pilgrims.

The administration, believing in the importance of having highly experienced administrative, executive and operational human cadres, the company hired highly qualified people to provide services for umrah pilgrims.

It has experience that qualifies it to develop the service and achieve the vision of the abu sarhad group in reaching the highest standards of serving the pilgrims.

An introduction to the group

Nasser bin Abdullah Abu Sarhad


In our journey in life, the footsteps of the seekers are written, the creations of the innovators are clear and specific, and the ideas of those with the right visions and firm determination are embodied, so they come as a reality embodied, and as beginnings are always small, and as planting begins with a seed, since the dawn of the foundation nearly four decades ago, our firm conviction that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step... It was strengthened by our steady determination and boldness without recklessness and a strong desire driven by the belief that every diligent has a share, and that insisting on learning and benefiting from the experiences of others would be a certain good for us to achieve the goals that I had in mind at the time until God made them realities embodied on the ground.

From Abha, it was the beginning, where the contracting sector was the first activity and the cornerstone through which we wanted to serve the public and private sectors, depending on God, we took another step toward transport sector and worked in it with expansion in all sectors of the market from transporting pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims, university and school transport, business transport, land transport and international transport. We invested in the sectors which support transport sectors, so we took the initiative to establish some of these sectors, such as the battery and glass factory, central and mobile workshops, in addition to other sectors that create the desired integration, as it was a necessity at that stage, this went together with the establishment of companies for local pilgrims services and for Umrah to serve visitors to the Holy Makkah.

Over the years, we have always chosen that category of employees who share with us values of integrity, credibility, innovation, quality and continuous development, and my faith firm belief has helped me a lot to realize that my country deserves the dearest and the most precious, so I vowed to myself to continue developing my business to participate in building the prosperous economic in our beloved kingdom, therefore we added maintenance services Facilities and security guards for our business group, then became one of the first investors in major recruitment companies in the Kingdom that operate in the private and public sectors by providing trained, professional labor with highest international standards, and we added new lines of work such as catering,

food, tourism, travel and car rental services and by applying our comprehensive experience in many sectors We succeeded in investing the infrastructure of our expertise and operations, moving towards new sectors, then we added Cash Transit Services, ATM replenishment and Cash Center Management to the group's business lines.

The Kingdom's vision 2030, which aims to build a strong economy based on solid foundations, away from traditional sources of income, so that the focus is on activating various other economic sectors, and the opportunities granted to the private sector are enhanced in the various investment sectors. This coincided with our launch in other sectors, so we began to establish a hospital In Abha with a capacity of 100 beds, And then we started investing in Technology Sectors, Security Systems and Logistics Companies, such as transporting goods and mail. Praise be to God, success was our ally because we always put the fear of God Almighty in everything we do, and we believe that serving the country and benefiting people are the foundations on which our business has been based since the beginning...

The journey of success and struggle does not stop, and it always continues with expansion and qualitative improvement, and the journey will remain continuous and the goals are renewed with an inexhaustible determination, God willing.

We are thankful for God above all for this support and help, and then we thank our wise leadership in contributing to creating a development environment that pushes with its explicit directives to all state institutions and facilities to facilitate procedures and overcome obstacles in front of the business sector, we appreciate the sincere efforts of our employees in any success or progress and a heartfelt thanks to our clients in various sectors who have given us the honor of serving and placing their trust We provide our services with confidence and with the highest quality standards.

We ask God to help us continue and grant us further successes, achievements and community service.

Best Wishes to you all…


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